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Todd Mueckenheim

Hailing from Fishkill NY, Todd Mueckenheim has practiced martial-arts since the age of six and has been a mover and shaker in the Jiu-Jistu world for over a decade, with countless medals, awards, and accolades under his Mike Wacker issued Black-Belt.

His background as a Functional Pattern Bio-Mechanics Specialist amplifies his ability to hone the bodies of his students; naturally, safely, and quickly. A martial-arts practitioner since his youth, he values a strong sense of community with his student teacher relationships.

Having been Jon's personal strength and conditioning coach and former training partner, Jon knew he could entrust the care and growth of his students in Todd's dependable and masterful hands.


• 2016 Black Belt Pan American
• CAN Champion heavyweight
• Multiple-time IBJJF medalist
• Multiple times advanced grapplers quest medalist
• Victories over Gordon Ryan, Lucas Rocha, and Romulo Azevdo
• 12 years of competitive BJJ experience

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